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Ridge Crossing Commerce Center/ 590 Belleville Turnpike / Kearny, New Jersey

Subject Property:
Ridge Crossing / 590 Belleville Turnpike / Kearny, New Jersey

This property is identified as an industrial park in need of redevelopment as per the November 5th, 2013 Town of Kearny Industrial Park Redevelopment Plan. The subject property is a 24.75 acre parcel of land that contains 25 buildings with a total building area of 368,325 square feet within the industrial complex. Of this total, 193,014 SF is presently leased. Buildings are primarily on slab, single story masonry structures with ceiling heights that range from 12 to 27 feet. As part of the 25 buildings, one is a gas station and one is a diner. Both of these structures front on Belleville Turnpike.
Additionally, there is a leased cell tower antenna located in the industrial complex.

Proposed Plan:
Ridge Crossing Industrial Park is a proposed state-of-the-art complex featuring over 300,000 Square Feet of industrial space with a retail component (230,000 new, 86,000 existing). The industrial complex is located along Schuyler Ave. to the north, Belleville Turnpike to the south, and bordering Sellers Street to the east. Ridge Crossing is in an ideal industrial location due to its close proximity to the New York Metropolitan markets.

Optimal Location:
• Located along the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 280 offering easy access to the East Coast’s primary trucking routes to include Route 1 & 9.
• Within 15 miles to Newark Liberty International Airport, Port Newark, Port Elizabeth, and Midtown Manhattan.
• Locally strong social infrastructure with positive work force.

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