Alessi Organization

Filling Station East

Alessi Organization and Duraport Marine and Rail Terminals is proud to announce the grand opening of Filling Station East, a pioneer of premium wine on tap, located within The Duraport Marine & Rail Terminal Facilties.

The Alessi Organization has worked to bring growing, innovative industries from around the globe to Bayonne. This site, which was the home of the former EMD Chemical facility and part of the original Merck Family Holdings, was also home to an almost forgotten chapter in history– as a WWII POW camp, which housed thousands of Italian POWs. This goes back to the history of New York, Staten Island and New Jersey as the sites of Navy bases for the larger part of the 20th century. The Alessi Organization then acquired the Brownfield site from Rollins Terminal as part of the Durport Marine and Rail Terminal logistics facility.

This salvaged site had spent nearly two decades either under-used or abandoned, until recently. The Alessi Organization then acquired the Brownfield site as part of the Durport Marine and Rail Terminal logistical facility. Over the past several decades, there been an expansion of the Panama Canal and a deepening of the New York/New Jersey harbor, which has created a greater demand for space and business in Bayonne and the surrounding New York Harbor. This port also serves as a port of entry for salt, lumber, steel, and many other dry bulk commodities.

Now, the former site of Port Johnson houses a major East Coast filling station for kegged wines. The facility will be a joint venture by two leaders in the industry, The Gotham Project and Free Flow Wines. This 12,000-square-foot space will now serve the community and the kegged-wine industry at large, as it will be used for everything from keg-filling to industry marketing.

Vincent Alessi –Chairman of The Alessi Organization—prides himself on projects such as these, which bring previously unusable Brownfield sites back to the community and jobs to Bayonne. “Throughout the history of our organization, we have dedicated ourselves to remediating hazardous sites and creating facilities with functionality and design aesthetics the community can be proud of. We are happy to continue this tradition with Filling Station East.”

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